RenterBall’s goal (Where it all began)

There was a serious problem in the Private Rental Sector

The long and tedious process of having to evict a tenant in the courts has been costing Landlords dear and there wasn’t really any practical thing a Landlord could do to recover their loss

Even after you finally got rid of a nightmare tenant Landlords could not expect compensation, the only thing they got was the relief knowing the tenant was no longer in the property and the courts/government act as though we Landlords should be grateful enough with that

There is no publicly available register of tenants who were taken to court and the Landlord won possession 

Even after having a bailiff evict somebody, there is still no evidence that a third party can reference.

And so RenterBall was born

If a tenant doesn’t pay up, why should they expect to rent again?

Such an obvious concept, even a child can understand

Don’t pay, don’t expect to get any more service

Tenant groups are not very happy, they hate the fact that tenants have to pay their bills.

RenterBall has one overriding Mission

“Make it impossible for bad tenants to reoffend”