Updating your Landlord’s Privacy Policy

Your Ex-Tenants.

If your ex-tenant owes you money and you want to File a Claim against them, there are a couple of small issues to consider.
As RenterBall servers process this data to be able to match supplied data to tenants’ accounts, RenterBall is technically a data processor and therefore as a landlord you could possibly be breaking data protection regulations by not mentioning this in your privacy policy.

The Solution
Simply update your privacy policy and send it to the last contact details you had with your ex-tenant.

As a landlord, it is good practice to have a written privacy policy attached to your tenancy agreement. You can simply use and customize our privacy policy editable template. 

Click here  to go to Google Docs, where you can download and customize it

As a landlord, you are entitled to update your privacy policy at any time and as long as the person still lives in your property or owes you money (related to the tenancy) they are unable to opt out. 

If your ex-tenant owes you money, they still have an active contract with you and therefore you are entitled to update your privacy policy at any time and the only way they can opt out is by them no longer having a contract with you by clearing their debts

How to update your privacy policy and what to say?
Use our example privacy policy template or add the following paragraph to your current privacy policy and then send it to the last known contact details you have for your ex-tenant.

(The text to add to your privacy policy)

www.RenterBall.com acts as our data processor.. Your information is stored on my landlord page on RenterBall, only you and I, your Landlord, can access your information. You are able to access this information at any time by registering an account on RenterBall.com

RenterBall servers only process this information (stored on my landlord page) to be able to match the information with any account you already have or may make. This is to help you access your personal information.

If you wish to withdraw your consent for me to use RenterBall as a data processor, then you must no longer have an active contract with us (your landlord)

When updating your privacy policy you are required to inform your tenants of the new privacy policy. You could write them a letter, text or email them

If you do file a claim against your tenant and they claim you have not updated your privacy policy, then you may be in trouble

Realistically, however, we highly doubt it, this is a contentious piece of law and hasn’t been around long enough to be fully tested in the courts.  

If you don’t know their new address as (surprise surprise) they didn’t tell you, send it to the address on the tenancy agreement or text a link to your new privacy policy to their mobile even if that is now a dead number, as your duty is to send it, and their duty is to provide up to date contact details. 

(Disclaimer this is not legal advice)

So what to do


  1. Update your privacy policy  
  2. Send the updated privacy policy to your ex-tenant 
  3. File a claim (on RenterBall) that you were their landlord

It’s important you do it in this order as if you do step 3 first your ex-tenant could claim they were not given the option to opt out