Why do we only use Google or Facebook login?

1: Quite simply it makes life so much easier, any device that you’ve already set up a Google or Facebook account on can usually log in with just a couple of clicks

2: “But I don’t use my social media accounts for business use”   I only use them for private use. Is there any other means of logging in? 
If you’re uncomfortable in logging in with your private social media accounts at work, you should be!, 
People often need to access web services at work and logging in with Google is standard these days. Letting agents for example normally open a separate Google account for work purposes and it does not cost anything

3: If a Landlord loses access to their Google or Facebook account are they blocked from using RenterBall?
Technically yes,
If you haven’t got anything important in your account, just make a new social media account and login with that
If you wish to recover your previous account, then contact support and we will be able to help you recover your account.

We will of course need to ask you private information related to your account to verify it’s you
Email  [email protected]
Once we are confident it is you, we are then able to manually unlink your social media account and connect a new one for you

Do not log in with your new social media account before you’ve spoken to RenterBall support as we are unable to link your old account with your new one if you’ve already logged in with it
Eg   account [email protected]    You have lost access too it
So contact support and request we connect it to your new account
[email protected]. We will be unable to do the merger if you’ve already logged in to RenterBall.com with the new account.