About Feedback

Landlords can only leave feedback to discuss the connected tenancy.
If you sign a RenterBall agreement with the Landlord and then the tenancy does not go ahead then the Landlord should mark the agreement as historic (and not leave any feedback)

Feedback will consist of

Photographs at the start and end of the tenancy      (added by the Landlord)
A questionnaire form                                                      (completed by the Landlord)
There is also an optional Comment Box                      (completed by the Landlord)
Amount owed to Landlord (if any)                                (completed by the Landlord)

Photographs at the start and end

When applying for a new property the new Landlord will be able to see all your feedback. When you are asked to sign the RenterBall agreement acknowledging the condition of the property check out the photos and attached documents are correct before signing.
At the end of the let the Landlord can leave more photos showing how you treated the property.
Photographs at the start and end of the tenancy will help a new Landlord to see if you are a good tenant or not.

The questionnaire form

To help the Landlord easily sum up their experience of your tenancy they are asked a set of questions with multi choice answers
E.g.  Did your tenant return the keys correctly?   Yes – No – NA.

The Landlord is also asked about outstanding debts.
If your Landlord declares you owe Legal Fees or Rent Arrears you will be blocked from renting again.

You will need to pay off those debts if you want to rent again or you will need to be on a Payment Plan

The Landlord has a comment box 

If a Landlord leaves a comment, you are able to leave a follow-up comment and then the Landlord can leave a follow-up comment on your comment and this can go on forever.

Feedback is meant to be fair and written in good faith.

We ask Landlords when leaving feedback to try to take emotion out of it and try to be as exact as possible however

RenterBall will not be held liable for any feedback received and RenterBall will only remove feedback if it breaks our Terms of Service.

By signing a RenterBall Agreement it gives confidence to the Landlord that you are a good tenant and if you don’t pay your rent or damage the property the Landlord then has the ability to warn other Landlords about your behaviour.

Therefore, it is very important if you wish to rent again on RenterBall that you do your best to not damage the property and pay your rent on time.

If you fall into financial hardship then you can make arrangements with your Landlord, to clear any arrears during your tenancy or after your tenancy ends through a RenterBall Payment Plan which allows you to rent again.

By signing the RenterBall agreement you agree that RenterBall Ltd is not liable for any feedback you receive and that any feedback you receive that you feel is untrue is a risk you take.

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