Why do I need a UK Driving Licence to use RenterBall?

RenterBall needs to uniquely identify users and block users from having more than one verified account.

Unfortunately, the UK government has limited the ways that this can be implemented.

A lot of countries, issue their citizens with a government issued ID card but the UK doesn’t do this.

RenterBall has implemented the following method which can uniquely identify people, and allow your National Insurance number to be verified.

To be able to uniquely identify somebody, a user has to provide the following information

  1. Full legal name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. National Insurance Number
  4. UK Driving Licence Number (Provisional or Full)

The following ID documents for example are not acceptable as they can not be used to verify your National Insurance Number

UK passports
UK military  ID
UK police    ID
UK student ID
Age verification ID cards
Birth Certificates

Therefore, for users to be able to have a verified RenterBall account, you are required to have a UK Driving Licence and a National Insurance number. If you do not have either of these, then you will need someone else to act as a representative on RenterBall for you. This is known on Renterball as an iD Buddy.

For information on signing up with an iD Buddy, please visit the iD Buddy help guide.

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