Advertising your Property

Finding a tenant has never been so simple, back in the old days self managing landlords and letting agents would  pay for an advert in the local paper. It worked but cost money and a few days delay before the advert was visible

Now with the age of the internet there are 3 main websites tenants use today

  • Rightmove
  • Open Rent
  • Gumtree

Everybody should be reasonably familiar with Rightmove, they are clearly the biggest and the best and because of this they charge a premium. Their business model though only caters for the estate agent/letting agent market

You cannot even have an account on Rightmove unless you are an agent

There are property listing websites that offer to list your property on Rightmove for a fee.

In our opinion this is not necessary as we feel  tenants will find you without this unnecessary expense


OpenRent specializes in rented property. At the time of writing they are currently the biggest site exclusively renting residential  property website in the UK

You are able to list properties for free and there’s a very good chance your next tenant will have used them in the past


Gumtree is losing popularity. Gumtree is still useful to some landlords as it is mainly used for bedsits and studio flats, it is the unofficial home of DSS properties.

When we as landlords advertise properties that are suitable for the DSS, we find much better response on Gumtree. 

It is also free to list and there is no particular need to pay for the premium features

The letting fee ban has not fully sunk home with tenants, Gumtree users are still looking for private landlords as they do not wish to pay letting agent fees ! 

…. and finally RenterBall.

As we are relatively new, you could not expect the tenant to know of our website so when you list an advert on RenterBall do not think that’s enough, you should also advertise elsewhere

“Why should you list an advert on RenterBall then, if it’s not going to find me any tenants? ”

The listing and advert function isn’t designed to find you tenants, its purpose is to initiate your first interaction with a tenant by having them apply to your advert.

It unlocks their profile therefore you are able to read their feedback and read a bit about their circumstances

If a tenant applies via Rightmove or OpenRent there is no profile or feedback

Therefore, we highly recommend you do the following

  1. Post an advert on RenterBall (FREE)
  2. Post adverts as usual say on OpenRent or Gumtree or both. Mention in the advert that for a person to apply they need to
  3. Go onto RenterBall look up the advert’s unique reference number
  4. Click apply
  5. and then wait to be contacted if they are suitable

You could include the following sentence in your advert that can help explain RenterBall to new tenants
We use RenterBall to vet and shortlist applicants
If you would like to arrange a viewing please apply on my RenterBall advert and submit an application and if you are suitable we will invite you along for a viewing.

(((((((This is to ensure you are not a registered bad tenant))))))

To rent the property, you are required to sign a RenterBall Agreement alongside a tenancy agreement. This will allow us your landlord to warn future landlords if you are a bad tenant and if you are a good tenant it can help you secure future accommodation easier as good feedback helps tenants considerably.

If you’re new to using RenterBall 

  1. Go to
  2. Login and complete your profile
  3. Open a Tenant Page
  4. Look up my advert and click apply on it on RenterBall
  5. If suitable, we will contact you and arrange a viewing

Good luck with your application