What is a Request Feedback Notice?

When a tenant has an active RenterBall agreement and wishes to rent off a new landlord on RenterBall they are blocked from signing a new RenterBall agreement until they have received Feedback

They are able to apply on a RenterBall advert and the new landlord is fully able to read their profile and read all of their feedback

To prevent the well-known issue of abandonment check out the abandonment article here Click here

RenterBall has implemented a system that can help prevent stop this from happening

For a tenant to be able to sign a new RenterBall agreement they must have had feedback left on their current RenterBall agreement within the last 30 days

The tenant has got 2 means of requesting feedback

1: Arrange with their landlord that they wish to vacate and to receive feedback within the last 30 days of the tenancy


2: The tenant can select the Request Feedback Notice form on their RenterBall agreement

The landlord is then emailed to inform them that they have 5 days to leave Feedback and if they do not the system will leave an automatic “No Comment” feedback on day 6
Once a tenant receives “No Comment” or neutral feedback they have 30 days from that date to sign a new RenterBall agreement

As long as an agreement is kept active a landlord can always amend any feedback left and if the landlord has a “No Comment” feedback left they are able to edit it

Note: If the landlord accidentally misses seeing the Request Feedback Notice, there is the possibility for a tenant to abscond as they will be automatically left a neutral feedback and so can sign a new agreement

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