How to sign up your current Tenants

To get the most use out of RenterBall, we recommend you sign up your current tenants

Without this, your current tenants have less encouragement to behave

Quick Summary
File a Claim on your tenant
Ask them to log in and sign your claim
The claim consists of a prefilled out RenterBall agreement

 Upon your tenant signing the RenterBall agreement/claim, you can leave feedback on them

1 Update your Privacy Policy
Technically speaking you can only share your tenant’s information with third parties that have already been mentioned in your privacy policy, therefore before you can tell RenterBall about your tenant you need to update your privacy policy
Use our template, Click here and add this to your existing privacy policy
Many landlords don’t have a privacy policy when legally they should, even though tenants generally don’t care if you have one or not
In practice, it’s just more red tape but having a privacy policy is really needed to protect yourself, especially if using RenterBall. Just bite the bullet and get it over with.   
So if you don’t have one, it is best to get one and include it with all tenancy agreements
For a free privacy policy template, click here
So if you don’t have one, we have made it pretty easy to create one
Use our privacy policy template and customize it with your personal information
and ensure your tenants have access to it 

Click here For a free privacy policy template

2 Send your updated privacy policy to your tenant
Once you have updated your privacy policy with the new terms that say you will be using RenterBall as your data processor, send a copy of it to your tenants

1. Host your privacy policy online. We recommend Google Docs and set the document to read-only and text your tenant with the URL and tell them this is your new privacy policy
and as long as the tenant still has a tenancy with you, they cannot opt out
Or you can
2. Print out your privacy policy and send it via post to your tenant

3. File a Claim on your Tenants
A claim consists of a prefilled-out RenterBall agreement
After your tenant has received a new privacy policy, please give it three days for postage 
or if sent electronically then pop on to RenterBall and under your Landlord Page, Your Tenants, file a claim page

File a Claim on your tenants
You’re not declaring if they were good or bad you are only declaring they are or have been your tenant and a few basic details about their tenancy agreement, namely the

Property address
Start date and the original
Rental amount
However, you will need the following information about your tenant
National Insurance number (NI number)
Date of Birth
If you do not know this information, you will need to ask your tenant for it because without it, you are unable to file a claim and your tenant will be able to get away scot-free if the tenancy goes bad

4. Instruct your tenant about RenterBall
Contact your tenant and inform them they have a waiting RenterBall agreement to sign

The easiest way to do this is by posting your tenant our template letter explaining to them what they need to do and any consequences for not doing it
Template letter link click here
Feel free to customise it
We feel that tenants need motivation so we highly recommend you give your tenant a deadline to complete RenterBall

5 Your tenant goes on RenterBall Your tenant logs in to RenterBall, completes their profile and upon having the information verified by RenterBall they are sent an automatic email telling them of any claims filed against them

They are told that a claim has been filed against their NI number and they are restricted from renting on RenterBall until they have signed the claim or successfully contested the legitimacy of the claim

6 RenterBall Agreement becomes active
Upon the tenant signing the RenterBall agreement, you will be sent an email saying you have a new active RenterBall agreement and that you are now able to leave feedback on your tenant

£1 per month to keep a RenterBall Agreement active
You will be invoiced £1 starting on the first of the following month