What is an  iD Buddy?

For those users who unfortunately do not have a UK driving licence and wish to rent using RenterBall they are required to have a iD buddy represent them.

A landlord needs confidence that if a tenant misbehaves they are able to have some form of redress and the UK court system is inadequate as all a tenant has to do is move and there was no practical thing a landlord could do until RenterBall came around.

Now with RenterBall Landlords can rent with confidence and leave feedback on a tenant, and therefore bad tenants will be forced to clear their debts if they wish to rent again. 

This can be achieved by a landlord being able to leave feedback on somebody on RenterBall.
If a tenant’s claims they do not have a driving licence then the landlord has to strongly consider the following.

The tenant’s could be lying and does have a verified RenterBall account with bad feedback. They are maybe trying to trick the system in getting around it by having more than one account.

The iBuddy system allows those unfortunate people who legally cannot acquire a provisional or full UK driving licence to have somebody represent them.

The iD Buddy will receive the feedback in  place of the tenant and a claim will also be filed upon the tenant’s UK NI number, ensuring that if they ever acquire a verified RenterBall account, they will be obliged to sign any waiting RenterBall agreements filed against them if they wish to rent again using RenterBall.

An iD Buddy, if they receive uncleared debt feedback, will be unable to represent themselves or anybody else again on RenterBall, so they should be cautious representing somebody as their reputation and ability to rent again is on the line if the tenant breaks the terms of their tenancy agreement.


  • Damages the property
  • Doesn’t pay the rent
  • Landlord’s Legal fees