RenterBall: Tackling Problematic Tenants without Blacklisting

As a landlord, dealing with troublesome tenants can be a frustrating and expensive experience. While blacklisting tenants might appear to be an effective solution, data protection laws render it a risky and legally questionable approach. This is where RenterBall steps in.

RenterBall is a safer and more reliable tenant verification platform designed to help you screen tenants without resorting to blacklisting. It’s important to emphasise that RenterBall is not a blacklist site. The platform’s beauty lies in tenants having complete control over who can access their profiles. If tenants receive feedback highlighting them as problematic, they have every opportunity to resolve the situation and make amends for their behaviour.

Landlords cannot search for tenants’ profiles or view their feedback. Instead, tenants must deliberately apply to a landlord’s advert, unlocking their profile in the process. If they decide they no longer want that landlord to see their profile, they can cancel their application. For a landlord to leave feedback, the tenant must sign an online RenterBall Agreement.

So, why doesn’t RenterBall operate as a blacklist site? The simple answer is data protection laws, such as GDPR. It is extremely challenging to legally share tenants’ information with a blacklist site without being deemed unlawful.

RenterBall’s feedback is provided exclusively by actual landlords and can encompass multiple stages of the tenancy, including photographs taken at the beginning and end. This ensures that feedback is professional and truthful. Conversely, publicly available searchable blacklist sites are vulnerable to fraudsters, spammers, and hackers who can exploit tenants’ personal information.

At RenterBall, we regard publicly available searchable blacklist websites as illegal. We strongly advise landlords against using blacklists, as doing so exposes them to potential lawsuits, particularly as data protection laws become more stringent. By adhering to our simple guidelines, you can trust that RenterBall will keep you legally protected while facilitating smooth interactions with your tenants.

RenterBall’s guidelines are clear-cut: maintain truthful feedback and avoid any form of discrimination. By following these guidelines, landlords can screen tenants securely and safely, steering clear of legal issues. With RenterBall, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that a dependable and secure platform is at your disposal

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