Why do landlords have to upload photographic ID to open a Landlord Page?

As part of RenterBall’s good practice procedures, we require at least one member per landlord page to be verified by uploading photographic ID

Acceptable ID’s

UK government issued photographic ID 

Please ensure it is a good quality photo

Once verified, your adverts become live on RenterBall

There is a well-known issue of scammers pretending to be landlords and letting out properties they do not have the right to rent out, taking thousands in deposits off multiple tenants for the same property and then disappear into the sunset

Once verified, you can File a Claim on your current and ex-tenants

Maliciously filing or inaccurate claims declaring somebody is or was your ex or current tenant can block a user from renting again unless they go through the arduous process of successfully contesting a claim 

Only a verified Landlord Page can send a RenterBall agreement

If you’re the only verified member of a landlord page, you are unable to leave it.

You are welcome to have more than one landlord page 

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