Why do we use Google and Facebook login? And is there any other means of logging in?

1. Why RenterBall Uses Google and Facebook for Login
At RenterBall, our aim is to streamline the login process, particularly for tenants who may not frequent the platform. Since tenants typically move infrequently, remembering another set of login credentials for a seldom-used site can be challenging. By leveraging Google and Facebook for logins, we capitalize on platforms that users access regularly, thus simplifying the login process.

2. Concerns About Using Personal Social Media Accounts at Work

We understand that
We understand that some landlords have reservations about using their personal social media accounts, especially in a professional setting. Currently, RenterBall does not offer alternative login methods. However, we suggest landlords consider creating a dedicated Google account for work-related use, ensuring a comfortable and secure way to access our services.

3. Privacy and Safety: What Information Does RenterBall Access?
Privacy is paramount at RenterBall. When you log in using your social media account, we only access your profile picture, name, and age. This information is essential for your RenterBall profile, which you can edit as needed. Be assured, RenterBall does not have the permission or capability to access or post on your social media timelines.

4. What Happens If a Tenant Loses Access to Their Social Media Account?
In cases where a tenant loses access to their Google or Facebook account, they are technically blocked from creating a second verified account on RenterBall. However, we have provisions to assist in such situations:

  • Email us at [email protected], including a scanned photograph of your ID and a description of your issue.
  • We may ask for additional security information to confirm your identity.
  • Once verified, we can manually unlink your previous social media account and link a new one.

Important Warning: Do not log in with a new social media account before contacting RenterBall support. We cannot merge your old account with the new one if you have already logged in using the latter.

For example: If you lose access to “[email protected]” and want to link your new account “[email protected]“, reach out to us first. Logging in with “[email protected]” before contacting support will prevent us from merging your accounts. This process does not affect any existing feedback on your profile.

For further assistance or queries, feel free to contact RenterBall support. We’re here to ensure a smooth and secure experience on our platform.:

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