Understanding RenterBall Agreements: Key Points to Consider Before Signing

Finding the perfect rental property can be an arduous task, but once you have found the right place, the last thing you want is for your tenancy to end on a sour note. Unfortunately, things can sometimes go wrong, which is why RenterBall agreements exist. Before you sign on the dotted line, it’s crucial to understand what you’re getting into. In this article, we’ll explain the key points you need to know about RenterBall agreements, so you can make an informed decision.

Feedback is a Two-Way Street

By signing a RenterBall agreement, you’re agreeing to let your landlord leave feedback on your tenancy. This feedback must be true, and it’s not something you can simply brush off if you’re unhappy with it later. It’s a binding commitment, and if you’re not prepared to receive feedback, then you shouldn’t sign a RenterBall agreement.

Legal Fees

If your landlord had to spend money evicting you, they have every right to declare that in their feedback. While court awards may be limited, RenterBall cares about what a landlord has actually spent. Therefore, if a landlord spent thousands of pounds on solicitor fees and the court only awarded them a small amount, they can declare the full amount spent on RenterBall. If there is a dispute, a landlord will need to prove to RenterBall how much they actually spent.

Before and After Photographs

Before signing a RenterBall agreement, make sure to look over the photos of the property’s condition at the start of your tenancy. By signing the agreement, you agree that this was the condition of the property at the start of the let. Landlords are strongly encouraged to leave photos of the end of your tenancy to demonstrate your behaviour and how well you kept the property. If you believe the photos are not genuine, contact RenterBall support.

We highly recommend that, as the last act before leaving your rented property, you take video footage and photographs of the property’s condition, so if there is ever a dispute, you have evidence of how you left the property.

Damage Costs

Damage costs are a contentious issue, and RenterBall allows landlords to declare these costs. However, this doesn’t automatically disqualify your ability to use RenterBall again. If you feel that the damage amount is not correct, contact RenterBall support, and our feedback review team will decide if it’s reasonable.

Comment Section

Landlords can leave a verbal summary of their experience with you in the comment section. You can leave a follow-up comment defending your position, and the landlord can leave a counter-argument, and so forth. If you feel a comment is racist, highly inappropriate, or factually wrong, contact RenterBall support. If you’re unhappy with RenterBall’s decision, you will need to take your landlord to court. If the court orders it, RenterBall will remove the feedback.

In Conclusion

Ultimately, it’s the new landlord’s duty to review your feedback in its entirety and decide if they want to rent to you. RenterBall agreements aim to promote transparency and fairness, but it’s essential to understand the agreement’s terms before signing. If you’re unsure about any aspect of the agreement, seek legal advice before signing.

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