A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding a New Tenant Using RenterBall

In this article, we’ll explore the most common reactions from tenants when using RenterBall and how to address potential roadblocks. As a landlord, you’ll often face frustrations and annoyances from prospective tenants. Here, we provide you with some common responses and how to deal with them.

Step 1: Advertise your property as you usually do (e.g. on Gumtree or OpenRent) as well as on RenterBall

Instruct applicants to apply on RenterBall if they wish to arrange a viewing. Provide them with the following information:


If you’re interested in arranging a viewing, please apply on RenterBall.com. We use RenterBall to screen tenant applications, and the property reference number is: ………

To use RenterBall, you’ll need:
1: A UK Full or Provisional Driving Licence (even if you’ve lost your driving licence, it can still work as long as you can find your driving licence number on the DVLA website)
2: A UK National Insurance Number

What is RenterBall?
RenterBall is a tenant feedback website that enables landlords to review the history of tenants and prevent undesirable tenants from renting again.

Is there a cost to use RenterBall?
RenterBall is entirely free for tenants.

How do I use RenterBall?
1: Log in using your Google or Facebook account
2: Complete your profile
3: Open a Tenant Page
4: Go to the home page, and in the search box, look for the property reference number: ………
5: Review the listing and then click ‘apply’ on behalf of your tenant page

If you require further assistance, check out RenterBall’s helpful guide articles and videos here: https://help.renterball.com/category/tenants/

Typically, you’ll encounter the following reactions from prospective tenants:

  1. Around 30% will not respond after you share your requirements.

Don’t get disappointed as there are a lot of other prospective tenants out there 

  1. Approximately 20% will request a viewing and promise to use RenterBall afterwards.

Confirm they have the required documents and if they pass your standard screening requirements offer them a viewing and if they want to rent your property there is a 90% chance they will apply on RenterBall.

  1. About 10% will come up with excuses such as:
    • They don’t trust RenterBall and question why they should provide personal information.
    • They feel it requires too much effort.

It’s best to ignore these individuals. Once they see more landlords using RenterBall, they will have no choice but to accept RenterBall if they want to rent a property.

  1. They claim they have never had a UK driving licence and ask or demand you to accept something else

We highly recommend you exhaust all other potential tenants before you consider somebody that does not have a driving licence and when you do, it is very important they have an iD Buddy. Unfamiliar with the requirements of an iD Buddy Click here to read our Help Guide Article about it.

  1. The tenant says they have encountered a problem with RenterBall and they are unable to apply.

A small percentage of tenants have reportedly struggled with setting up an account on RenterBall and applying on an advert for the first time.

Generally, these are older folks and those who are not internet savvy

Instruct these folks to check out the RenterBall help guide articles

How to apply on an advert on a mobile
How to apply on an advert on a PC/laptop

Or to contact RenterBall support [email protected] where we are more than happy to assist
Based on where tenants are getting stuck RenterBall is constantly improving the system to make it easy as possible for tenants

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