A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding a New Tenant using RenterBall

1: Post a free advert on RenterBall advertising your property

First-time users will need to
A – Login   Using Google or Facebook
B – Create a Landlord Page
C – Upload ID 

and then they can post an advert

Once your ID is verified your adverts will become live

2: Advertise your property as you usually do (e.g. on Gumtree or OpenRent)

If you are able to, mention in your advert that you use RenterBall to vet applicants
Recently we’ve had reports that Gumtree has been blocking adverts that say RenterBall (because they think you are a letting agent trying to dodge listing fees) Hopefully this will soon be resolved


Instruct applicants to apply on your RenterBall advert, if they wish to arrange a viewing.
We recommend you use the following template message

If you’re interested in arranging a viewing, please apply on RenterBall.com. We use RenterBall to screen tenant applications, and the property reference number is: …………..

To use RenterBall, you’ll need:
1: A UK Full or Provisional Driving Licence (even if you’ve lost your driving licence, it can still work as long as you can find your driving licence number on the DVLA website)
2: A UK National Insurance Number

What is RenterBall?
RenterBall is a tenant feedback website that enables landlords to review the history of tenants and prevent undesirable tenants from renting again.

Is there a cost to use RenterBall?
RenterBall is entirely free for tenants.

How do I use RenterBall?
1: Log in using your Google or Facebook account
2: Complete your profile
3: Open a Tenant Page
4: Go to the home page, and in the search box, look for the property reference number: ………
5: Review the listing and then click ‘apply’ on behalf of your tenant page

If you require further assistance, check out RenterBall’s helpful guide articles and videos here: https://help.renterball.com/category/tenants/

Typically, you’ll encounter the following reactions from prospective tenants:
1. Around 10% will apply on your RenterBall advert.
Log into RenterBall  /  Landlord Page / Applications Page
to check out those who have applied on your advert and invite the most suitable along for a viewing
Around 20% will not respond after you share your requirements.
Don’t get disappointed as there are a lot of other prospective tenants out there and some of them know they are blocked from applying
3.Approximately 50% will request a viewing and promise to use RenterBall afterwards.
Confirm they have the required documents (A National Insurance Number plus a UK Driving Licence or an iD Buddy who does) and if they pass your standard screening requirements offer them a viewing 
At the viewing, take a photograph of each adult applicant’s Driving Licence or write down their Driving Licence number

Those who wish to proceed with the let can then apply on RenterBall

4 About 20% will come up with excuses such as:

  • They don’t trust RenterBall and question why they should provide personal information.

  • They say they don’t have a UK driving licence

  • They claim the website is too difficult to use

For those tenants who do not trust RenterBall, there is not much we can do to help relieve them of this concern and it is their loss as they won’t be able to rent your property

We highly recommend you exhaust all other potential tenants before you consider somebody that does not have a driving licence and when you do, it is very important they have an iD Buddy. Unfamiliar with the requirements of an iD Buddy Click here to read our Help Guide Article about it.

Unfortunately, the iD Buddy Isn’t foolproof but for those with a driving licence you have the certainty they can only have one RenterBall account and therefore If they are registered as bad they will not be able to apply on your adverts

If any of your applicants get stuck, instruct them to check out the RenterBall help guide articles below

How to apply on an advert on a mobile
How to apply on an advert on a PC/laptop

Carry out your normal standard screening checks on your preferred candidates

Once you’ve whittled it down to whom you wish to rent to

Log into RenterBall  /  Landlord page / Applications page
Select the applicant in question tenant’s page and click Send RenterBall agreement

RenterBall will ask you for the tenant’s driving licence number
This is to confirm you actually met the tenant by confirming the driving licence number. 

Upon typing in the driving licence number if it matches the number provided by the tenant to Renterball, you are then able to send them a RenterBall agreement

As RenterBall doesn’t meet the people we cannot confirm if the information provided is true but we can confirm the information they provided is valid and unique

It is the Landlord’s responsibility to confirm it is their information

RenterBall takes information from the advert to help refill out the agreement

Fill out the rest of the form

Property address
Rent details
Start date of the actual tenancy
Photographs at the start of let

The bottom two are optional but we highly recommend it
Landlords have reported it is so much easier to supply documents via RenterBall and therefore there can be no dispute as to what documents a tenant received at the start of the tenancy

 Photographs at the start, along with the advert photos
You have the option to include inventory style photos of the condition of the property which we highly recommend you include them as when the tenant moves out you can leave feedback photos allowing you to demonstrate the returned condition of the property

Upon submitting the RenterBall agreement

RenterBall will email the tenant to tell them they have an awaiting RenterBall agreement to sign

Every member of the tenant page will need to log in and click “I agree” on the RenterBall agreement
Once every member of the tenant page has clicked “I agree” then it becomes active
RenterBall recommends that only with an active RenterBall agreement you should offer the tenant an actual tenancy agreement

If you try to do it in the opposite order, the tenant has no encouragement to sign a RenterBall agreement

With an active RenterBall agreement
You will be able to leave feedback on your tenant
Stop your tenant from abandoning the property
Encourages your tenant to maintain good behaviour as they will know any bad behaviour will make it very difficult for them to rent again in the future

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